Summer Is Approaching! Apply For A Job Today!

A recent report from CBS News targeting what fields the unemployed should be applying with while attempting to getting hired, was clearly the service industry.  With most of the companies providing you with online job applications, you should be able to fill out multiple applications right from the comfort of your very home.  Begin your job application process right now!

According to the CBS statistics report, we are slowly but surely, as a Nation coming out of this jobless funk that has been fueling this country’s recession since the early part of 2007 and the service industry is leading the way.  Other notable job fields include; Health-care, Temp-jobs, and the banking industry (which ironically was a huge factor in this whole mess!).

In order for the country to efficiently move the unemployment rate down from a near 10% right now, while in some parts of the country the number is lower, to what is considered a more normal number of 6%, there should be an increase of about 200,000 jobs filled each month.  That is a tough number, but it is obtainable.  Each and every one of you can start the process and apply for a job, and then be prepared to fill a job and do it well.  That is what we as a country do!  If you want to apply for a job, you can do it right here!

What is the upside to a temp job? Well a temp job has many upsides, and the first and foremost would have to be the ability that the job gives you to build your resume.  Most people that have success working temp jobs, do many different jobs and in the process get to work with many different supervisors on many different projects and get that priceless face to face interaction that you cannot get in any other process of the job market.  Once an employee proves him or herself to any supervisor, word spreads quickly of your work habits and attributes and you can find yourself very quickly employed with a full time job with a great company and ultimately that is your goal!

Many times people go through a temp hiring agency, which are very serviceable and since they charge these large companies a fee, they have the desire to get you hired, which is somewhat of a nice angle for you.  The down side to these jobs however is that most of these large company have funds that they set aside for temps, and some times the jobs do not last a long period of time, but if your attitude is correct, and you want to do a good job always thinking in the back of your mind that a permanent full time position is the prize, then good things can always happen.  Stay focused, and you will find your prized job!  Begin your job search today!