Landing A Job Fast For 16 Year Olds

Now is the time to apply for a job if you are a teenager and are looking to get hired for this upcoming Summer time. I have found quite a few articles that provide some insight and I believe that they will help you. Please feel free to give me some feedback if you think that these articles helped you get hired. There are plenty of unemployed people to be more exact some 20 million Americans remain unemployed. Lucky for teens, most of the jobs that hire teens are not jobs that these unemployed will even seek. Here is your first shot at getting a job. Free online job application.

The #1 Favorite Job Application – McDonalds Application

Most of us find our first job when we are 16 years old.  What are jobs for 16 year olds?  How do you land one quickly if you’ve never worked before?  This article gives an effective 7-step formula to get a job quickly.

Step 1: Know Your Interests and Strengths

You might be thinking, but I’m 16!  True, but you’ve had many life experiences that already have brought out your talents and natural gifts.  It’s much easier to do a job that uses your natural strengths and interests because your heart is in it. Think of all the times you’ve done any type of work well, if you are starting out, then jump into the work force and find your niche, talent, whatever you want to call it.

What did you get complimented on?  What type of work did you enjoy?  If you could show up to work anywhere, where you show up that most interested you?  Why?  Give this some thought and you’re already half way there to landing something that might be better than anything that’s available.

Step 2: Prepare

Preparation includes writing a resume and the little things like having voice mail to make sure someone can get a hold of you.  Your resume doesn’t need to be lengthy but it should reflect your skills, any experience you have, school attended, and any volunteer work you’ve done. Identify 3 people you can use as references.  Parents don’t count, but think of non-family members that can speak to your character.  Have that information ready. Also, decide ahead of time the kind of work you want, absolutely won’t take and why, the hours you are willing to work, how far you are able to travel for a job, or other constraints.  That will draw some boundaries around your job search.

 Step 3: Apply For A Job Online

Search the part-time job sites and apply to everything that fits your target.  Keep in mind your strengths and your boundaries, the want and want nots.

Step 4: Apply Face-to-Face

Not as easy as online, but once you’ve applied to the online opportunities, start talking to people at malls or other places where they might hire you. Do the leg work, that comes with positive results in employment. I realize this might feel a bit awkward, but it doesn’t matter how you feel.  I’m surprised at many jobs happen because someone asked “are you looking for help, because I’d love to work here.”  Sometimes it’s that simple.  Be clean, courteous, and have a good attitude.

Step 5: Work Your Social Network

Yes, Facebook, Craig’s list are good for something other than sharing pictures of your dog, or selling something. Let the people in your social network know that you are looking for work.  Most jobs are not advertised and most employers prefer to hire employees, especially part-time, quickly.  That means they want to trust current employee referrals rather than have to sort through a bunch of resumes without anyone knowing the potential employee.

Step 6: Keep Track

Keep track of who sent resumes to, who you talked to, especially if you need to follow up with them.  Follow up matters.  Often they may not have an opening right at that moment, but if they want you to check back, make a note of it and check back.  And you’ll stand above the crowd when you do.  Keep track so that you be more effective in following up a second time. Remember that you stand above the crowd when you follow up since most people don’t do this very well.  And don’t forget to sell yourself by letting them directly that you can do the job and want a chance to show them how impressed they will be with you.

Step 7: Expand Your Options

If usual job board opportunities aren’t dropping in your lap by now, you may need to consider work-at-home opportunities. Yes, there are legitimate data entry, home assembly, writing, and related jobs you can do from your home.  Avoid jobs that sound too good to be true (they probably are) or that don’t use your unique gifts and talents. Milo Allen is an executive coach and management consultant who enjoys helping others find work.

The Wendy’s Summer Job Application

Most teenagers think fast food when they think Summer job. The Wendy’s Summer job application is an easy choice for teenagers. In fact any fast food restaurant is an easy choice. You have to begin to make this choice and soon, because soon getting a Summer job will be an after thought. It moves that quickly upon us, and soon you will be too late to get yourself a Summer employment job. Apply for a Summer job today!

It is so easy to lose focus on obtaining a job this Summer with so many things to do, you have to make up your mind, its either a job or not. Especially during the Summer months, where time just flies by. College students home from school, coupled with teenagers off from high school, and through into the mix plenty of adults looking to supplement a poor salary for the Summer months, so that they may get a week or two off with the family somewhere nice.

Most of the time the warm sunny weather and a bunch of household projects tend to distract job seekers, and many of the times the teenagers and young adults try to find something that is out of their reach. Let’s take a look at what they are trying to achieve. A job that will run its course in about 2 months is a Summer job, and someone looking for this type of employment should realize that they cannot get a job that will end abruptly and leave the employer in a hole.

I know most of the time, no one cares about the employer but remember that a fast food Summer time job may be your stop again next year. Therefore, be honest as to what your intentions are and be up front about what you expect to get out of the job. Do not feel guilty, getting a job for a few months is nothing that you invented and has been around since the beginning of time, all I am saying is get a job that you want to do for a couple of months and leave a very good impression. Make next years attempt a complete success as well.

The Wendy’s job application is available online and I suggest that if you are going to apply for Wendy’s then go down the line and try McDonalds, Burger King, and Checkers, Jack in the Box, and any other of these style restaurants that are in your area.  Jump on the first opportunity you get and do not look back. Do not be picky all of these jobs will essentially the same. These all offer entry level jobs and for the most part they are all part-time jobs.

There will be plenty of interruptions during the Summer, do not let them side track you from your goal of obtaining gainful employment for the Summer time. Do not let an easy excuse put you out of the equation to get a job in your area. If you want to maintain your job beyond the Summer then keep your job-search momentum throughout the Summer to avoid frustration in the fall, when you get hired let them know your intentions, you will be successful in your employment venture, I just know it. Apply today for free!

The Walmart Application Apply Now!

The Walmart job is quick striking gold in Florida as well as other parts of the country for teenagers everywhere. As another school year gets ready to end, teenagers are looking for full and part-time jobs for the Summer. The economy is slowly improving and even though there are close to 20 million Americans out of work, most of these jobs they will not even be seeking. Giving teenagers a chance to get employed and soon. There are plenty of jobs for teenagers in most local areas in your neighborhood, but are you looking in the right place? Get relief today start your employment process right here, right now! Free job searches online.

This is good news for parents because it means teenagers’ legs and their bicycles will get good use this Summer! Even if we have to drive our teenagers to their job sites, we will take it. The first step is the Walmart application, and here is why this is one store they need to apply with.  Check out our online job application process you will not regret it!

Teens looking for part-time jobs should start with the local grocery and convenience stores, right?  Well who says they cannot start a job on what might just be a move in the right path to a career? These stores can often use extra help during the summer, but we know specifically that the Walmart job is one that will be available.  Especially if the town is a Summer tourist area, where they will hire even more teenagers and adults than the average area.  High school students typically perform duties like stocking shelves or and supplying the isles with merchandise.  Those that have prior experience may be able to land a coveted position at the checkout register or in the produce department, something that these Walmart Superstores now have.

Hours and shifts will not be an issue either as many of these superstores are open 24 hours a day, especially around tourists spots. In addition to the Walmart job there are other areas that teenagers and adults can apply for a job with, for example, if there is a mall nearby it is another great source of jobs for all who seek employment. With so many stores in the same place, teens and adults can apply for a job at a few of them to increase their chances of obtaining a retail employment position. A discount on store merchandise is offered by most of these jobs, which is a nice perk.  This is a great way for teens to make money to purchase new clothes and then get this clothing at a discounted price, this is something that these stores often offer their employees.

Other ideas for teenagers who enjoy being outdoors, is to inquire whether the local pool or camp is hiring for any part-time or full time job openings. Working at the pool snack bar or providing towels to guests is a fun way to work out in the fresh air, and get paid for doing something that does not even feel like work.  Those who are old enough to be lifeguards can even work on their tans as they get paid.  At a camp, teens can run arts and crafts, theater, or exploration workshops, and a host of jobs that are sports oriented.  Every town is bound to have summer jobs for teenagers in these areas and more. Parents appreciate the fact that employers offer their children a chance to learn valuable skills, and earn some much needed money.  Teens like feeling independent and earning money to buy things. Employers welcome the extra set of hands, making this a winning situation for all involved.  Try this online job application process today!

The Walmart Application!

Approximately 350 applications for the following Walmart jobs are being accepted in Miami, Florida in the area of Coral Way.  Cashiers, stock personnel, store managers, and various department managers.  In addition in the Dade County, there will be another Walmart store opening in Hialeah, Florida during the next few months on the corner of NW 103rd street or 49th street in Hialeah, and Red Road.  Be on the lookout for more information on this site as to more exact dates and times for the store in Hialeah.  The store in Miami, is now accepting applications, please visit the Walmart hiring center.


The Walmart neighborhood market place is opening up in Hialeah in about 1 month from the date of this post. Please for all of those interested in working there, visit the Walmart hiring center for more information. For those of you who do not know, the Walmart neighborhood market is a supermarket that will be competing for business against supermarkets like Publix, Winn Dixie, Krogers, Target and others.